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SULT @ Den Nationale Scene, Norway

2022 started with something new: I directed an adaptation of the novel  Sult by Knut Hamsun at Den Nasjonale Scene in Bergen, Norway! This was also the first work I have made in Norway since 2012, and the first time I adapted a novel for the stage.

The performance portrayed a stream of consciousness shared by four actors, portraying an individual starving for food - but also for meaning, beauty and intimacy. 

I chose this text because it's an opportunity to portray how language creates reality, and because it's such a transgressive, youthful text with both humour and dark emotions. I really enjoy how the BODY of the protagonist becomes an image of the WORLD he lives in!

The work is something like an opera without singing, with the wide open mouth as the black hole we keep falling into. For me, it was a step towards a (new) concept of language opera.


Below you can see the trailer that we made with some material from the staging.

The premiere was on February 17th.

More info here

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