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* The coming months will be finishing a new play, Landscape with Radioactive Dogs

* Also, I have started researching the physical and mental infrastructure of the Norwegian oil wealth: Prosjekt 1969.

* the Landmarks Collective have started working on their next creation, Treework, set to meet the world in 2024

* Stonework had a successful tour of the Netherlands this fall, and also had its international debut in Norway. The show will return in spring 2023 both on stage and beyond...

Photos by Anna van Kooij 2022

Stonework had its premiere during the Gaudeamus festival on September 9 and was performed in the Netherlands and in Norway the past months. We are working to schedule new dates soon!

This brand new work is an exciting new direction for me and Mees Borgman. Together we are embarking on a journey into the unknown, creating works for and with non-humans, inspired by the urgency of the climate crisis. How can we as artists contribute to a more sustainable future on the planet Earth? Under the name Landmarks, we will investigate this in playful, experimental ways the coming years. Stonework is coproduced with Gaudeamus festival and is realised in collaboration with Casco Art Institute. It is made possible by the generous support of the Norwegian Arts Council, Fonds Podiumkunsten, the City of Utrecht, Stichting Melanie, Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds and Dioraphte fonds.

 Welcome to the new LANDMARKS website! Here you will find more updates on Stonework.

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