Goat Song (2017) - documentation

Goat Song was created in 2017 together with performer Mees Borgman, composer Marko Ivic and scenographer Sanne Lips, based on a concept by Espen Hjort. It is a wordless monologue about a woman who no longer wants to be human and tries to become a goat. The intimate relationship between a body and a landscape is central to the work, based on Hjort's personal relationship with the Hallingskarvet mountain range in Norway.

The work was inspired by the mountains, karaoke and of course goats. It was the starting point for an ongoing investigation into ecology and the relationship between body and landscape, and between human and non-human beings.

The work was created based on improvisations in movement, space and music, using techniques from the Dutch mime tradition and contemporary dance (with help from choreographer Jan Martens). Transformation both physical and spiritual lies at the core of the work, which is reflected in the scenography - a dreamlike playground inspired by romantic paintings - and the music.

Goat Song was performed in Het Huis Utrecht and in De Paardenkathedraal (Utrecht) in 2017, and at Festival Boulevard in 's-Hertogenbosch in 2018. One day, it will return.

To see a video of the performance, follow this link and use password TUGoat@2017