Casino Nonstop (2017)

Casino Nonstop was created in 2017, based on the life of Max Lefko, my grandfather's uncle. Lefko was born in Austria in 1901, was a pianist and arrived in Norway sometime around 1933. He spent the years of the second world war in Sweden, and returned to Norway in 1946 to start the Casino Non Stop Show, a variety show that would take an important place in the cultural life of Oslo for the next 20 years.

Working together with playwright Simon Weeda, Hjort created a play about the power of the imagination in troubled times. The play is imagining Lefko, or Uncle Max, travelling through a Europe on the brink of war, looking for a place to realise his vision of the greatest show ever seen.

The performance was inspired by Lefko and his Casino Non Stop Show, 1930's show music and the theatre of Bertolt Brecht. The relationship between the individual life and their historical and geographical circumstances was a central concern - 'big history, little lives'.

To see a video of the play, follows this link and use the password cns-2017TU